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For over 60 years Boyden has been at the fore front in identifying and attracting the best leaders for our global clients across all industries. In today’s world, the combination of rapidly increasing awareness of global environmental challenges and the reality of finite petroleum-based energy resources, is causing a tectonic shift in world commerce. The result of this is the rise of a new business category — Cleantech.

Entrepreneurial companies and established global companies are each introducing innovative and new ways to address the realities of today’s world in their product development and manufacturing processes. This is creating an urgent demand for leadership talent capable of implementing and managing these Cleantech initiatives.

The problem is that demand for talented executives far outstrips supply!

The Boyden team provides the solution. Boyden partners have the knowledge to identify and attract those innovative leaders who have backgrounds in the appropriate parallel industries. The answer is to rapidly engage with innovators who have experience. Boyden’s deep history gives us access to the best and brightest.


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